Grupo Bimbo is the largest baking Company in the world. Day after day, millions of people enjoy our products in 23 countries, where we have presence, from America, Europe and Asia.

We are convinced that the food industry must actively participate in joint efforts with different sectors to positively impact the health of our society.

We are currently working on a new strategy called "Our Sustainable Way", which integrates four pillars: Wellbeing, Planet, Community and Collaborators. The actions of our Wellbeing pillar are included in a strategic initiative to fulfill the commitments established in 2004 by the World Health Organization (WHO); This initiative includes the improvement of nutritional profiles of our current portfolio, development of new products, deployment of easy-to-interpret labeling, responsible marketing communication for children, promotion of healthy lifestyles and awareness about health and nutrition in our consumers and society in general.

Our commitment goes back to being able to offer products that meet the needs of the consumers and to comply with the global norms on the nutrients of high impact recommendations, evidenced with the current actions to adapt the nutritional profiles of all our products.

In addition to the aforementioned efforts, in our conviction of promoting a healthy lifestyle, we have developed programs to promote proper nutrition and an active life considering both our associates and consumers.

For Grupo Bimbo, a sustainable Company is one that seeks to leave something better for future generations. We understand that our consolidated work in the Welbeing pillar creates better opportunities to fulfill the path towards a sustainable world.

  • Products


    Our commitment to offer products that meet the needs of consumers through innovation in technology, processes and ingredients to adapt nutritional profiles. Part of our 2020 goals includes reformulating products and increasing our supply of new products with healthier nutrient profiles.

    Our goals for 2020
    • 50% of our products in healthier categories.
    • High impact nutrients below the maximum levels in 75% of our best seller productos (fats, trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and added sugars)
    • 25% of our products become a good fiber source.
    • Fortified or enriched products developed each year to fight undernutrition.
    • Better prices and distribution for our fortified or enriched products.
    • Portion sizes suitable for the needs of our consumers.

  • Responsible Marketing

    Responsible Marketing

    In Grupo Bimbo we are committed to making our advertising campaigns truthful and promote healthy lifestyles and universal ethical values. Specifically, the publicity developed and directed to the children's audience, complies with the best practices of socially responsible marketing established worldwide.

    Our goals for 2020
    • Specific nutrient profile publicity for under 12 year olds.
    • Encourage healthy diets and healthy lifestyles in our advertising strategies.
    • Achieve Social and Ethical Responsible Marketing for all our consumers.
    • Ensure that advertising to our children's audience is a tool that supports health education.

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles

    Promotion of healthy lifestyles

    In order to promote healthy lifestyles among our consumers and associates, we have fostered alliances and developed tools that allow us to promote the change in eating habits and patterns, showing the tangible benefits that this entails.

    Our goals for 2020
    • Deployment of VIVO SANO campaign among all our associates.
    • Actions that encourage the practice of physical activity and the improvement of healthy lifestyles among our consumers.
    • Certify all our associates canteens as healthy in Mexico.

  • Nutritional information

    Nutritional information

    We will increase our efforts to provide accessible and easy-to-interpret nutritional information to help them make informed and healthier decisions. In addition to complying fully with the legislation and regulations of each country where we market our products.

    Our goals for 2020
    • Frontal labeling for each one of our products.
    • Reading labels education campaigns.
    • Health claims that promote healthy life styles in our Best and Better products.

  •  Strategic Alliances

    Strategic Alliances

    We seek to establish commitments and alliances with strategic actors such as governments, NGOs, academia and the community, to support programs and actions focused on promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as offering products with relevant improvements in nutritional profiles.

    Our goals for 2020
    • Promotion of correct diets and healthy lifestyles.
    • Dissemination of information to encourage informed decisions in our consumers.
    • Disclosure of the relevance of physical activity.
    • Innovation for our products and to attend to the evolution in lifestyles of our consumers.