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Today, we are the largest baking company in the world, with presence in more than 33 countries and a great resposibility to our consumers to positively contribute to the health of our society through sustainable actions.

Action Platforms

We are currently working under a health and wellness initiative (downloadable) to fulfill the commitments established in 2004 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Such initiative includes the improvement of the nutritional profiles of our current portfolio, development of new products, deployment of an easy to read labeling, responsible advertising for children, promotion of healthy lifestyles, fostering of physical activity and awareness about health and nutrition in our consumers and society in general through our different alliances.


What you should know

Wheat Is the most consumed whole grain in the world and provides benefits such as weight control, better digestion and antioxidants.

Nutritional information Etiquetado
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Strategic Alliances Alianza
Nutritional information Etiquetado
Strategic Alliances Alianzas

We seek to establish commitments and alliances with strategic actors such as governments, NGOs, academia and the community, to support programs and actions focused on promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as offering products with relevant improvements in nutritional profiles.

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We base our actions and commitments by combining the experience and knowledge of multidisciplinary teams to identify technological solutions that allow us to improve the nutritional quality of our product portfolio as a way to positive impact the nutrition and health of our consumers and associates.

At Grupo Bimbo we are building a world with options for everyone, by offering products of superior quality that nourish and delight our consumers.
We will continue investing in innovation of ingredients, products and processes as a fundamental part of our strategy in health and wellness to offer nourishing and delightful products that adapt to current and future consumer needs and trends. Also working on improving the nutritional profiles of our product portfolio, focused on the reduction of ingredients that are sensitive to public health, diminish ingredients perceived as negative and the addition of other nutrients that enhance their profile.

Our Nutritional Guidelines

We have nutritional guidelines to evaluate and improve our product portfolio.

Innovative technological solutions

We identify and implement technological solutions to improve the nutritional profile of our product portfolio and offer transparency in the use of ingredients, achieving relevant improvements.

We continue to improve our products

We set demanding goals for the nutritional improvement of our products.

Clean Label

We have implemented actions that have allowed us to clean our labels and we will continue working on it.

A sustainable Way. Grupo Bimbo’s Strategy for Health and Wellness

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Grupo Bimbo is the largest baking company in the world, we produce and distribute over 10,000 products available in 100 countries al around the globe.

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