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Wheat Is the most consumed whole grain in the world and provides benefits such as weight control, better digestion and antioxidants.

Insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide, 23% of adults and 81% of teenagers don´t stay active enough. (1,2)

Gyms are one of the favorite places to exercise, according to statistical data, four out of ten people who get into a gym, stop going during the first year, most give up for lack of results in a short time. The reality is that all exercise is good, but a personalized work plan is important to to achieve your goals. (3)

If you already registered to the gym or you’ve been taking time and you don´t achieve your, follow these tips that can help you

1.    Being constant is essential, to eliminate body fat and increase muscle mass, give the importance it deserves to attend the gym, give it importance as any other appointment. 
2.    Organize your daily activities and attend the gym minimum 3 times per week. According to the World Health Organization you must perform 30 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity or accumulate 150 minutes per week. (2)
3.    Get together in the gym with your partner or friends, exercising in company or in a team it motivates you to keep going and also offers you the opportunity to live and have fun in a healthy environment. (4)
4.    Contact a health professional, tell him what your goals are (lose weight, gain muscle mass, improve your performance, etc.) and your health (for example, if you have an injury, if you have diabetes or hypertension, if you are pregnant, etc.) and start with your routine to achieve what you want. (4)
5.    Combine your activities such as aerobics, zumba, salsa, etc. with weight and resistance exercises to strengthen your muscles. Do not focus on a single activity, give variety to your daily physical activity. (5)
6.    Always carry a bottle of water with you to hydrate before, during and after physical activity. Dehydration decreases athletic performance and generates early fatigue. (6)
7.    Be patient, don´t obsess about losing weight or see your muscles marked in one day, the results can be reflected in a short, medium and long term, as long as you are consistent with your routines. (6)
8.    Enjoy your physical activity, have fun.
9.    Don´t make extra effort during your exercise; the exercise that achieves good results isn´t the one that is practiced for hours and with excessive effort, rather its depends on the way in which the body is worked, the good use of the gym equipment and the healthy life style that you are leading. (7)
10.    Physical activity should not stay in the gym. Move when it´s possible, adopt a more active lifestyle, always use the stairs, get off a truck stop before, use the car less, take your dog for a walk. (8)

Follow these tips and you will soon see the results of your good habits!


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