Nutrition with science

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We created this space to interact with health professionals, nutrition experts and with all those people who are motivated and attracted by the nutritional sciences. We want to be a space for reflection, creating conversation about the topics that we are most passionate about, therefore, we will make content proposals based on research and science trying to address the most relevant issues of the food industry, trends, and challenges we face. as a global community on health, nutrition and the environment.

Sustentabilidad y cultura alimentaria

La alimentación es una actividad que, aunque indispensable para la vida, está determinada por un conjunto complejo de factores socioculturales. 


Tendencias actuales en la nutrición y desarrollo de nuevos productos

La industria alimentaria enfrenta constantemente retos que generan la necesidad de evolución de los productos para cubrir los requisitos nutrimentales de la población, adaptarlos a los nuevos gustos y tendencias del mercado.


Conservación de alimentos, aprovechando mejor los alimentos con menos desperdicio

La conservación de alimentos también ha desempeñado un papel importante en el avance de la civilización. Debido al procesamiento, los alimentos se pueden conservar por más tiempo.


Food Safety: We all have a responsibility

In the Food Industry we are responsible for producing food in a hygienic way so that it can be consumed safely. For their part, consumers have a great responsibility: to maintain hygiene conditions to maintain their health and that of their families.


Plant-based diet and planetary health

The transformation to healthy diets for the future requires substantial changes in our diet: it is important to increase the consumption of foods of plant origin, seeds and whole grains.


Seeking Better Whole Grain Diets

Whole grains, when consumed as part of a correct diet, have multiple nutritional and health benefits. Let's see what they are.